Spooktacular October!

So happy to have paired up with the lovely Amy over at @tale.at.a.time for this awesome October photo challenge – check it out below and don’t forget to tag us #ScaryTaleBookWorm!

Tale At A Time

Hey friends!

In case you haven’t noticed I usually keep my blog purely for book reviews, with the odd catch up thrown in. Why? Because I thought that was what everyone else was doing *Facepalm*

I’ve now decided to treat you (I use the team ‘treat’ lightly) to snippets of my life – my book diaries. While my blog will be mostly reviews I want to create a more personal feel while using this platform! Exciting, right? Haha

Originally I’d planned this post to be especially for Blogtober – but after actually doing a bit of research, I realise I am too late to the party and while you may all forgive me for starting on day 3.. I do not have time to prepare a whole months worth of content right now! Instead I am going to challenge myself to post more regularly than I have been – which…

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2 thoughts on “Spooktacular October!

  1. I feel like such a Halloween/October schmuck because I am missing out on some great posting opps. I have just been out of town too much this month to keep up with anything, dang it! Goals for next year…. P.S. and very unrelated: Wait until you see what one of my hometown shops did for Halloween related to HP. I’ll probably post on IG stories this week. IT WAS SO COOL!


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