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Review: Questions of Perspective by Daniel Maunz


One thing I love about reading is when you go into a book with no expectations and it blows you out of the water – this is a book that did exactly that. It reminded me a little of Boy Swallows Universe with an abstract plot and no definitive genre. I was slightly intimidated as I do like to know where I stand with a book before I start. But sometimes, you just have to let the story do the talking.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: What can only be described as fiction
Published on: 14 May 2020
Pages: 244 (paperback)
Published by: Black Rose Writing

Meet God, Dave, and Peaches the cat

I’m going to keep this summary brief because I really do recommend going in blind.

Dave Randall is a grumpy, unfulfilled legal malpractice lawyer in New York. His colleague, John, also happens to be Dave’s only friend. So when he simply disappears one day, Dave is at a loss, until about a year later when John presents him with a life-changing experience.

This pushes Dave to re-evaluate his life, leading him and Peaches to embark on a journey together, in the search for self-discovery. But self-discovery extends far beyond Dave’s meager existence. Haunted by John’s fate, Dave is put in a position that could alter the course of not just his life, but the universe.

A re-affirming novel that will make you look at life differently

Questions of Perspective is classed as paranormal fantasy which isn’t exactly my go-to genre. But there’s so much more to this story that it’s impossible to categorise into any kind of box. It is unique in its own way and there are very few books you can say that about these days.

For me, this book was a mix between a toned-down Bruce Almighty and a 30-year-old coming-of-age story. It was serious yet comical in all the right places. It brought the theory of God to life in a believable way. It didn’t force beliefs down your throat, nor did it make fun of religion in any way. It was the perfect middle-ground.

A book that ticked every box

  • Plot and narrative – 4.9
    When you strip this book back, the plot is actually really simple. But beyond the simple is a basket of life lessons that will make you re-evaluate what’s important in your life. And I think we could all do with a bit of that at this moment in time, right?
  • Writing style and readability – 4.7
    Another thing I loved about this book (have I mentioned I love it?) was the first part that documents Dave’s life as a lawyer. I will hold my hands up and say I have zero knowledge in law, litigation, accounting fraud, and so forth. But the mundanities of Dave’s work-life shaped his character, which made his transition all the more significant. The author brought this part to life and it was interesting and compelling to read about. If anyone else can make law this riveting then hit me up. Aside from the law part, there was a great mix of fast and slow, tension counteracted with reflection, and some real witty one-liners.
  • Characters – 4.8
    I was rooting for Dave from page one. He’s a bit of a cantankerous, unsociable outcast and I can kinda relate to that. I also loved (wait for it)… the cat! Now I am not a cat person but dare I say, Peaches was one of my favourite characters and brought so much to the story (seriously, if I knew a cat like this, I’d probably steal it).
  • Diverse themes – 4.2
    The ‘paranormal fantasy’ was definitely a diverse theme for me. I’ve never read a book like this (and don’t believe I ever will).
  • Ending – 4.8
    Ahhhh the ending to this book was so. good. I zoomed through the last 20% but also wanted to it to drag out more so it wouldn’t have to end. That is the sign of a really good book.

Overall rating: 4.7

I really was so invested in this story. It may be a work of fiction, but the life lessons can apply to us all. I know I’ll be thinking about these and questioning my own perspective for a long time to come.

Thank you so much to the author and BookSirens for sending me a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

14 responses to “Review: Questions of Perspective by Daniel Maunz”

  1. I’m impressed with the way you have structured this review and I can’t wait to read this book! It’s a while since I’ve read a thriller/contemporary novel 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Again, trying something new 😂 I think you’ll really enjoy this one. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I 100% take your word for it! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. […] This book was LIFE CHANGING. That’s the only way I can describe my feelings when I all-too-soon reached the end of this spectacular novel. It followed one man’s journey of self-discovery and was one of the best character-driven novels I have ever read. It made me re-evaluate my life, set new goals, and appreciate the world around me. Read my full review of Questions of Perspective here. […]


  3. Due to our shared love of “Questions of Perspective” and “Where the Crawdads Sing”, I just ordered “Chestnut Man” based on your recommendation. I try to give first time authors a shout-out if they deserve it. While “Where the Crawdads Sing” (deservedly so) had the good fortune of being selected for “Reese’s Book Club”, a book like “Questions of Perspective” only has word of mouth reviews by book lovers like yourself to get any traction. I especially liked reading that you went against your usual practice and gave it a chance. I had a neighbor read it, and she said that she was so affected by it that it stayed in her mind and she couldn’t pick up another book for over three days.Congratulations on finishing Les Miserables. I saw the show on Broadway and of course saw the movie, but I am too intimidated to attempt the book. If I like “Chestnut Man”, “Doll Factory” is next on my list.


    1. Oh that’s such good news, I really hope you love it as much as I did. I can’t even describe how off-guard the twists caught me! It’s a fab dark thriller. I absolutely agree with you, books like this rely on word-of-mouth and I truly believe this one deserves every bit of praise it gets. I understand exactly where your neighbor was coming from, a three-day book hangover sounds about right! Thank you, it really was a huge achievement. I recommend going in slow and just reading a couple of pages a day. I read somewhere that with how it’s split up, you can read one chapter a day and spread it out over a full year! I’ve never seen the show or film so I’m excited to see it come to life.


  4. I tried to order Doll Factory through your site, but it looks like I have to use Amazon US. Do you have a link for ordering books with Amazon US? If I am going order books on Amazon, I would rather go through your site.


    1. Thanks so much for pointing this out Barbara, I actually thought I was using my US account but looks like it was my UK one. It’s the only downside of Amazon having accounts in every country! If you refresh, it should link you to the US site now 😊


  5. Thank you. I ordered Doll Factory last night and it will be the next book I read. How do I order Amazon books through your account if they are not books you reviewed? It helped having a “click here to order” right in the review, but most reviews don’t have that.


    1. Hi Barbara, so happy you ordered Doll Factory, I really hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear your thoughts when you finish. Sorry for the late reply, I’m having a bit of trouble with my Amazon account and need to update my links. I will be working through that over the coming weeks! I just read up on this and apparently, anything you purchase within 90 days should still be connected to my affiliate link, which I didn’t realise. Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it 😊


  6. Barbara DML Lush avatar
    Barbara DML Lush

    I did finish The Doll Factory and I did love it, so thank you.


    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I’m always a bit nervous about recommending books as I know all tastes are different but I’m so pleased that you loved it 😊


  7. […] in at number two is a book I have raved about all year and will continue to do so. Questions of Perspective quite literally blew. me. away. Don’t let the paranormal fantasy genre throw you – this […]


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