Books about serial killers

If there’s one thing Bookstagrammers love, it’s a top-notch thriller and I’m no exception. I’ve read a ton of books that centre around the serial killer theme so it takes a lot for me to award five stars.

That said, there are a select few that have blown my mind and those are the ones you will find on this place.

To understand what it takes to be a five-star thriller, here is my (long) list of expectations:

  • High-intensity
  • Plenty of action
  • Red herrings to put me off the scent
  • A justifiable motive
  • Moments that leave me speechless and questioning everything I thought I knew
  • An interweaving plot that has been cleverly crafted
  • Likeable main characters with strong personalities
  • A great ending that isn’t rushed
  • A puzzle that I think I’ve worked out
  • Being absolutely completely wrong

The bold bullet points are my absolute must-have’s. If the motive is weak, I’m out. If I’ve guessed the twist(s), then the plot wasn’t tight enough (I literally never guess so if I do, it’s a huge disappointment).

On that note, here are my highest recommendations:

TH1RT3EN by Steve Cavanagh

Movie star Robert Solomon is accused of the violent murders of his wife and bodyguard. As the trial begins, a member of the jury is not who he appears to be. Blending into the background, he is tantalised by the event and hooked on the buzz. Because the serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury.

The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup

When the Copenhagen murder squad discover a chestnut man at the scene of a murder, they have no idea it’s the MO of a serial killer, until similar murders occur, each more brutal than the last. With fingerprints matching that of a young girl declared dead, the police must work fast to put an end to the psychopath terrorising the city.