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For diverse books that take us on a journey of discovery.

I’m on a journey to seek out books that broaden our horizons. From cultural identity and traditional customs to diverse subject matter and historical events, I’m fascinated by life outside of our own experiences.

Join me, Backpacking Bookworm, and explore a range of reading lists, snapshot reviews, and unique travel experiences, from books around the world.

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Meet the bookworm

Hi, I’m Hayley, the Bookstagrammer behind Backpacking Bookworm. I’m a seasoned reader, book-inspired adventurer, and a copywriter in my spare time (i.e. Monday to Friday, 9 to 5).

I’m travelling around the world (both fictionally and in real life) to uncover books that explore culture and diversity, sharing those less mainstream so together, we can put them on the map.

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