For culturally diverse books that transport us to unexplored places.

I’m on a journey to seek out books that broaden our horizons. From cultural differences and traditional customs, to diverse subject matter and historical events, I’m fascinated by life outside of our own experiences.

Join me, Backpacking Bookworm, and explore a range of reading lists, honest reviews, and unique travel experiences inspired by books.

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So You Want To…Read More

Originally posted on DanaDoesBooks:
Wanting to read more is often a popular goal, but it can be difficult to achieve when work, family, and other responsibilities get in the way.  Try these five strategies that help me read more! #1 Prioritize Reading Time Find a time to read that works for you and stick with…

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Hi, I’m Hayley, the Bookstagrammer behind Backpacking Bookworm. I’m a seasoned reader, book-inspired adventurer, and freelance writer.

I read and write about books that explore themes of culture and diversity, travelling where possible to places where a book has been a major influence.

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